I am a diabetic on insulin and absolutely needed my insulin pump delivered by Saturday as promised by UPS as I was going on vacation first thing Monday morning. My trip was delayed and my health compromised because UPS did not deliver my package by the day promised.

Below is a call log on this Saturday between UPS and I as well as the company that requested the shipment:

Time 1108 (37m UPS phone call) Tanisha - the apartment # was missing. I explained the address is not an apartment and provided the suite #100 which I had provided when the order was placed. She said she cannot have it shipped again until Monday. I explained I need it before then. She will have supervisor call back.

Time 1154 (1m UPS phone call) Nick - called right back and said the driver will be back between now and 1500. I asked if there was anything else I could provide to ensure the delivery will happen. She said no, they just needed the suite #.

Time 1544 (25m UPS phone call) Andrew - He started by asking for my apartment #. I explained I already spoke with someone & provided the suite # & provided the info from the above 2 calls. He said the center is closed until Monday. I asked to speak with a supervisor but he said they will just tell me the same thing. I insisted because I needed this package by Sunday. He said he would transfer me to a supervisor but I reached a voice mail & left a message.

Time 1844 (34m UPS phone call) Chanelle - I asked for the package to be delivery to be shipped to a different address. Medtronic would have to make that change. I asked to speak with a supervisor but she said they're only here Mon-Fri. I explained I've been told something different every time I've called & demanded to speak with a supervisor otherwise I would file a complaint with UPS, BBB, & start an online campaign to tell the WWW about this experience. She put me on hold. After holding she said her supervisor is not available now but can call back w/in an hour. I explained that earlier today a supervisor never called me back and asked why I should believe her now. She said a supervisor would call back w/in an hour. I asked if there was any chance it would take >1 hour to call me back. She said no, I will be called w/in an hour.

Time 1924 (39m Medtronic phone call) called Medtronic Kris - She called UPS to see if they can fwd the package to my vacation destination or hold for Monday morning. UPS will hold for Monday morning at 1800 N Main. ST. and I can pick up as early as 0730.

A UPS supervisor did not call back. Chanelle from UPS broke her promise. My overall results from these phone calls w/UPS this day was the customer service representatives do not have the sufficient knowledge of how to do their job by telling me they will have the package delivered nor do they have sufficient knowledge of their own department (some rep's say a supervisor will call back others say there is no supervisor on the weekend).

I will do anything I can to avoid using UPS shipping ever again mainly because of this experience. I have and will continue to tell anyone who asks me about shipping methods to avoid UPS at all costs.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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