Clearwater, British Columbia
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Clearwater UPS - FAIL.

Clearwater is a small town of 2331. The UPS received a package for us as of Jun 15/16.

At no time did the UPS store pick up the phone and call to let us know that the package had been delivered to the UPS store. The reasoning behind the lack of customer service is that the phone number was not provided by the shipper, so they were unable to contact us.

It was only when I contacted the seller (who had inadvertently attached the tracking number to Canada Post) did I find out it was UPS who had received the

Let me reiterate. It is a small town. There is a phone book. We have been in the phone book for over 20 years. Our number has not changed in that time. We are the only ones in the phone book with our last name.

In a large metropolis where there are multiple people with similar names and numbers may or may not be listed, lack of customer service can be more excused. In a small town where EVERYONE knows EVERYONE else, there is no excuse, only lack of caring. ESPECIALLY as this company does not deliver to the door, but expects that the customer is to pick up. If the customer is to pick up they MUST be notified that the parcel is there. Failure to do so is clearly a policy that is in serious need of review.

I would do anything in my power to NOT use UPS again. I will also ensure that any work business goes in another direction.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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