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Every time our local delivery guy (a regular) delivers a package at our front door, this rocket scientist "hides" it with our nice big 3 x 5 Welcome Mat. So, instead of a small envelope on the ground outside the front door, he basically puts a huge signal flag on it calling the attention of even people driving by.

When I race out to tell him to stop it, he's already long gone down the street. That's ***, but the part that pissed me off was trying to complain. I found a number for UPS online that routed me to ASIA PACIFIC (I asked). I kept asking for local assistance, but I had to give all the information to the agent, who had no clue what I was talking about.

She said I would get local assistance, but first, all complaints came through them. At the end of describing what I wanted in detail, which was for the packages not to be covered by our welcome mat, the agent said, "So, you want packages left at your home from now on? Right?" OMG! Please, America, America, America.

Local problem, local delivery guy, can't we have a local phone number? UPS, you suck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Maybe the person on the phone lied to me, huh? When I asked, where are you located, and she said, "Asia." I guess that could be it.

Or maybe UPS was rerouting pissed off customers to "adult services" that day because they were overwhelmed.

By the way, who says Asians man adult service lines? Sounds like YOU are the racist, slick.


As a large shipper I've had to talk to UPS any number of times and never reached a person in Asia. Perhaps you are merely a racist?

Maybe your speed dial is stuck on the adult number you dial so frequently?

Please *** the white hood, pick up the phone and dial 800.742.5877 and speak to a UPS rep. and stop dialing internet *** sites in Thailand.

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