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We ordered a pair of boots. The company shipped them UPS and we tracked it accross the US.

On the day they were to arrive, we watched the UPS drive by our house. We tracked it the next day and they said it had been delivered. We it was delivered, just to the wrong address. When we called customer service, they literally told us they showed it as being delivered and we were out of luck.

Too bad, nothing they could do. I even asked if they could contact the driver and have him go back. They said NO, absolutely not.

We finally tracked the boots down after 3 days of knocking on doors. Not even an apology by driver.

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Same situation I had today. Supposedly my package was delivered and dropped off at a house that doesn't exist.

I went to where they said they delivered it and there is no such address. Seems UPS drivers are stealing and tossing packages a whole lot more then USPS and fed Ex are.

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