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I called UPS customer service to change the address of a parcel in transit. I knew from a Google search that this service was available through UPS My Choice, which I had registered through but which, after going through the steps to change the address, kept indicating that my payment method was incorrect. This, despite the fact that I tried 5 different credit and debit cards (not linked to the same bank account... called my bank to verify that the problem was not on their end... verified my correct billing address, etc.). Long story short: I knew the problem was the UPS website and NOT the billing method.

So, I called a UPS agent. Diana 2216. I simply explained that I wanted to change the address for a delivery that was in progress. I was told under no circumstances could this change be made. I was told, in a very blasé tone, that I could only contact the sender to make this change.

Um, what?? I just saw that this option is very clearly available through a quick Google search. So, I tell her that I see the delivery address can in fact be made for a parcel that is in transit for which there is a tracking number through the UPS My Choice service. 'Well, yes,' she says, 'but it would be complicated to start an account because you've just moved and changed your address.'

Actually, it wasn't difficult at all - the crazy thing is that I still have my old address memorized... Incredible, I know.

I tell Diana 2216 that I have an account and that I see on the computer screen right in front of me that I can make the change. She only wants to talk about how UPS customer service cannot help me and that I can only contact the sender. Literally, this is all she wants to talk about.

I ask to speak with a supervisor.

René 2652 was very polite. Unfortunately politeness doesn't get addresses changed. He demanded that I log out of UPS My Choice and wait 5 minutes. Done.

When logging back in, he proceeds to tell me that if I cannot click directly on the tracking number on the homepage, that means that the option to change the address has been blocked by the sender (all I have to do is click on the name of the sender to open the window to change the address).

So, I teach René how to troubleshoot to click on the name of the sender and not the tracking number to change the address when in transit.

Now I explain that there seems to be a problem with the website because none of my credit cards were being accepted. Of course he wants to tell me my credit cards are the problem. No, René, they are not.

'If you think it is a tech problem, I can transfer you to tech,' he tells me. I have to be placed on hold for this. Then he comes back after several minutes. Unfortunately the tech office is closed.


René and Diana did no trouble-shooting. They have done no customer service. They have tried to displace the burden of processing the address change to the sender and blatantly tried to get me off the phone as quickly as possible.

Literally, Google was more helpful than René and Diana.

René was satisfied to tell me to call the tech services when they open on Monday morning, clearly much too early (I was calling on a Friday) to change the address before delivery.

I ended up linking my UPS My Choice account to my paypal account under "Payment Preferences" before now going back and entering the new address to make the change. This fortunately bypassed the glitch in the website that wasn't processing credit card payments.

Thankfully, I am a reasonably intelligent individual and well capable of trouble-shooting.

Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the employees at UPS customer services.

If you have a question about a UPS delivery, ask ANYONE before calling UPS customer services; a stranger on the street is likely to be more helpful.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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