I ordered some golf equipment from the USA as i am based in Australia & organized shipping through UPS priority delivery. As they have been closed over Christmas (Understandable) i followed up the progress of this package today 29-12-2009 only to be told it was still with customs.

When questioning this with the customer service team, the tone was very rude, abrupt & lacking customer service in all aspects.

As this has happened before with this shipping company i decided to call Australian Customs & ask what the delay was, surprise surprise the package had not been held at all. Upon calling UPS back to let them know the great news i was again met with abrupt, rude & disgusting attitude from a company i paid to deliver my goods.

Once again they have managed to prove the bigger the corporation the bigger the arrogance & attitude towards people who challenge there processes

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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The Aussie golfer is not wrong about Ups's so called customer service. UPS seems to think that customer service means that the customer serves THEM.

They lost my package while shipping to Canada from the US. When I contacted them online to inquire where my package was, their response was to tell me that I had to contact the original shipper and ask THEM to contact UPS to initiate an investigation.

This means a long distance call on MY dime. It also makes me wonder how many additional hoops UPS would like others to jump through to try to rectify THEIR incompetence.Their own tracking info says that THEY had the package on a certain time and date and at a specific location. Obviously, the investigation should begin THERE.

I order lots of stuff online, and usually ship it USPS and Canada Post. I have never had a problem with them.

I will NEVER ship UPS again.

Online merchants: If you ship UPS, then you're SOL trying to sell to me. Dump those incompetent hacks before they mistreat your customers.


There is no service called UPS Priority. Are you perhaps confused with USPS Priority Mail International? Because that's the postal service.

Also, just because a package is not "held up" in customs does not mean it doesn't have to pass through customs.

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