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I trusted UPS to do a simple job, deliver my documents to my accountant in Florida. Quite an easy task one would have thought. Chicago to Florida, 2 day delivery $25.85. What is wrong with these incompetent people. Read label and deliver package as addressed. Now how difficult is that. Well in the case of UPS this is a very difficult task, I am really not sure why, maybe common sense is not a requirement for working on such a tough assignment.

Oh and a word of advice. Do NOT waste your time calling UPS to ask why your package was not delivered on time per schedule, after reeling off your tracking number to at least 5 people and the words from customer service , huh, i duno, but if you pay a further $15.00 i will find someone with a brain to redeliver your package.

Really UPS, without a doubt your company is a total disgrace

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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I guess the delivery of documents proves to be as difficult as it is for you to use proper punctuation at the end of your sentences.

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