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I do not think i need to describe my experience. We all know what happen and how long as a individual it took to reach anyone, that did not repeat what you read online when you tracked your package.

My goal and yours should be to move our shipping and receiving of packages to a local vendor .UPS GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL believes losing your package or not getting it on time is just the way it is. We made them global and international we can take it away. No one loses job,lose of income, because we are just moving to a vendor that cares.

We all have stop doing our due diligence, when we tried and got know results we just quit. NO JUST SAY NO Allowing this to go on ,which we all have done is only allowing all services we receive to do the same thing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: start over with this global international company before we the customer does this for them.

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Not really sure what you're complaining about here. Try typing in proper sentences and I will reread your complaint. Mmmmmk, thanks