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I had a package being delivered by UPS. They attempted the first time at 1:00 in the afternoon, when I am always at work. When I realized this, I went to the website to see what my options were. I signed up for "My Choice" which stated I could change the time of delivery....but even after signing up, that option was never given to me, even hours after the initial sign-up (the site said I would need to wait 90 minutes for the option to appear). When I called customer service to try to find a solution, I was told the sender had set it up so that a signature was required and I couldn't change that (which I later found out was a lie, after talking to the sender directly). I was also told I couldn't request to have it delivered at a time when I was actually home, because that is at the discretion of the driver. So I was told my only options were to pay extra to change the delivery address or go and pick it up at the UPS office - an option that is not available to me since I do not have a working car right now. Basically customer service told me they were not able to assist me in getting my package because my needs didn't meet with their lack of flexibility.

They made a second attempt yesterday at the same time, around 1 pm and left me a note, and a third time today, again at 1 pm. Common sense would say that if a person isn't home twice during a time when most people are at work, they're not going to be there a third day at the same time, since they're probably at work. I cannot take time off work just to wait on the UPS man. They are paid to provide a service and accommodate me, not vice-versa. The delivery driver apparently will not deviate from his route at all to accommodate customers to ensure they get their packages - the very job he is paid to do. My package was returned to the sender today.

I called the sender, who was very helpful, and agreed to resend it to me at another address, at no extra charge, and this time will be using FedEx. They will also be advising their shipping department of my experience with UPS and advising them not to use them in the future. I'm the person who does all of the shipping in my organization and I will not ever use UPS because of experiences such as this one. I've ordered many things to be sent to my home, and have never had a problem before now, because they've always been delivered by FedEx.

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For those of you saying UPS should be shut down or run out of think the economy is bad now, you could not imagine how bad it would be if UPS shut their doors. The average person does not know and might not be able to comprehend how much "stuff" is moved by UPS on a daily basis.

You take for granted alot of what you see on a store's shelf without thinking how it got there.

FEDEX, USPS and all of the other delivery services could not pick up what UPS does now. They would be able to get there, but anytime soon. They just simply do not have the infastructure in place to handle that.

Does UPS have it's problems??

Yes, just like everybody else in this ole world does.

Do you have your problems?? I am sure you do.


Just a point of fact. You did not contract with UPS to ship the package........the person or company that you bought your merchandise did. Therefore you have no legal claim or standing with regards to dictating the circumstances under which your package will be delivered.

UPS met the terms of the contract that they have with the shipper. UPS gave you options on how to receive your package if you were not going to be home. None of those met with your satisfaction.

UPS can not be expected, nor should any delivery service be expected, to reconfigure their routes on a day by day basis to make sure they can deliver your package when you are going to be home.

If you can only be home to receive your package at a certain time, I suggest you drive around until you see a UPS driver and ask him where he will be delivery at a certain and then go and purchase a house in that neighborhood. That too may not meet with your high expectations.

Good luck with your life as you appear to be of the me me me generation.


i see now you are from arkansas, that explains everything. i think if you tell yer pa/boyfriend to climb off yer backside and go fix you some possum stew, you all will feel a ho lotta better.



me and mrs., mrs. jones, we got a thang, goin' on...

well sweety, here's the thing, if you weren't gonna be home, why have it sent to your home address? and why, when you had a replacement sent, did you have it sent to your work address? that's right, because ups' competitor would do the same thing.

no one is going to rearrange their entire delivery schedule for 1 stop when the recipient can't even figure out that she's not going to be there to receive it. who's the genius, again?

you obviously know nothing about efficiencies or logistics, no wonder my of d@mn burger always takes so long, betty clueless jones and her frightful sense of planning.

please don't hurt yourself trying to show the world how they are all to blame for your inept decisions.


click report button for those negative responses against you on here since they are well out of order and you are quite right 100% on all you have fed back regarding UPS, so stick to your guns and ignore the workers for UPS on here that like to stick up for themselves even though they are so wrong :)
You are right, UPS are a waste of time and deliberately mess people around and lie ongoing, I have been messed around by them 3 days in total (not in a row). They are morons and UPS should be shut down completely and all consumers messed around by them rightly compensated.

As to those promoting UPS, must be the idiots that work for them, only they'd be daft enough to stick up for them when everyone else knows how useless they are and without an ounce of common sense. :sigh

MS.JONES,First of all i would like to state that UPS is very flexible.When ever i order online my package's are delivered by UPS.And if i should miss my package by any mean's,The UPS driver alway's return to my home at a different time on the next delivery date.So you are not being truthful when you stated the driver would not change the delivery time.The nerve of some people.Since you were not going to be home to accept the package.Why?DIDN'T you have your package delivered to your office?COME ON NOW.WTF.THEIR is no need for you to bad mouth UPS because you are a ***.UPS is probably better off without your business.



So...because I pay them for a service, I shouldn't expect some accommodation for that service? Sorry, not the way I see it. And while FedEx may have the same policies, they have been very accommodating for me many times, and have always been flexible, friendly and reliable. They've set the standard for me that UPS fails to meet.

Perhaps you who wish to discount my negative experience with UPS think it's bogus, but regardless, they've lost a customer and I'll continue to recommend to others that they use FedEx instead, as well as use only FedEx in my work.


Ooh look....a tough internet warrior who makes himself the expert and gets off on name-calling while hiding behind the anonymity the internet provides. How exciting.

UPS offers a service, which I paid for - to deliver an item to me -a service not complete until the item is in my posession. The fact that they attempted to deliver it at the same exact time frame every attempt without deviation and were met with failure each time, offered me only solutions that would come at further expense to me when they wouldn't make any attempt to accomodate what I had already paid them to do, lied to me and were rude to me in the process shows that they lack customer service skills. I work in an executive office, something your superior assumption skills missed, as well as owning my own business. I get frequent deliveries from FedEx, and they are always accomodating, friendly and helpful. I know that when I use their service, I can rely on delivery, coming or going. So, yes, I do expect a delivery company I have paid to provide a service to accomodate me, since that has been my experience, and UPS missed that mark by a long-shot.

I also expect morons on the internet to make silly assumptions based on few facts and post attempts at being cool and condescending as thay talk out of their ***, so thanks for not disappointing in that regard.

Oh, and I'm not "doll". It's Ms.Jones to you.


fedex has the same delivery policies, fyi

it's unreasonable to expect a driver to completely change his route and risk delivering or picking up other people's things late just to accommmodate your inflexibility. they give you alternative options and those don't work for you either. you have to accept some responsibility in life.


so here's the thing, you obviously do not have many things shipped because most packages travel by ups. and the fact that you're the person in charge of shipping at your micky d's franchise won't effect ups much either.

you seem to be under the impression everyone should accomodate you.

seems that ups did their job, not only transporting it cross country but making three attempts to make delivery and giving you options for alternate delivery. that you want someone else to be flexible after all this when you seem completely incapable of being flexible yourself, and a whiner taboot, shows you to be the f00l.

good luck with getting everyone else in the world on your page, not likley to happen, doll.

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