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By far the most unprofessional, slow, incompetent batch of employees I have ever seen. Not to mention they look like escaped convicts.

I had the pleasure of watching this center's inefficiencies first hand for 3 hours tonight while waiting for a package. For entire 45 minute periods every employee would disappear into the back leaving customers waiting alone and completely uninformed. Never once did any of them attempt to update customers on the progress of receiving and distributing packages. Packages were hoarded in the back and slowly handed out in small batches, rather than handing them out as they were found.

After 3 hours I'm told that my package was misplaced and I go home empty handed. There is a reason why these people can't get real jobs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

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What a low blow, you must have a office job?Because you sure the h--do not know how hard they work and how much *** they put up with.Like there bosses and customers like you. For one thing they have to look well and follow dress codes,and they are tracted the whole day,so theres no way to get away with anything.Try to walk in there shoes for a day!!A proud wife of a UPS driver!!

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