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I moved into a new place Wednesday July 27, 2016. I ordered a television which was due to be delivered by UPS to my new place on Thursday July 28, 2016. After checking my email Monday July 25 I saw that the tv was on the truck for delivery that day. I called UPS immediately to ask them to hold the item. I was offered the option of calling back Wednesday and having it redelivered Thursday. I called the customer service number and was told that it was being put into the system for delivery on Thursday and that i would receive a call Wednesday evening to confirm. No one called Wednesday evening so I called at 7:15 am Thursday to ensure that the package was set for delivery. I was assured by another customer rep that he saw the note and that the package was on the truck for delivery that day. He assured me that the system just hadn't updated yet so I wouldnt see this if i checked online. After waiting all day and not having any UPS driver come with my package I called again at 5:00 pm Thursday. I was told that the package was on the truck for delivery and that they had up until 7:00 pm to deliver it. I waited until 8:00 pm and no delivery! I called again and asked for a supervisor and was first told that they showed in the system that I was supposed to pick it up! The supervisor then said that he saw the note and he isn't sure why it wasn't delivered Thursday but he'll put it in the system to be delivered Friday. Friday morning at 7:30 I received a call from the local UPS office and was told that they definitely had the tv and it would definitely be on the truck for delivery that day. I had to get someone to come and sit and wait for them. When I got home at 3 o'clock there was still no tv. I waited until 4:45 to call UPS. The rep said that they would deliver it Monday August 1, 2016 because they needed to charge additional handling to the company that the tv came from! I immediately asked for a supervisor. It took 30 minutes for a supervisor to get on the line who then proceeded to first tell me that i was supposed to pick it up, then said they would deliver it Monday, and that perhaps I should have had them deliver it to my job or elsewhere! I asked to speak with his supervisor to which he said I can give you another supervisor but he has the same info I have and is going to tell you the same thing - we'll deliver it Monday. I said i don't want someone on your level, i want your boss, your supervisor. He puts me on hold which lasts about 20 minutes. When he comes back he says that he called the local facility and was told that they cannot find the package! I was livid and demanded again to speak to his supervisor. I was placed on hold AGAIN. This time upon returning the rep/supervisor says that the local office just called back and they found it, that it was in a container, and that the driver is usually in my area between noon and 2 pm so my tv would be delivered Monday at that time. I finally just accepted this because by this time i had been on the phone with them for 90 minutes. I honestly didnt believe that they would deliver it because i had been told that by no less than 5 different UPS workers so I made arrangements to go to the facility which was closing in 90 minutes and pick it up. I called to confirm which facility it was at and was told that i would have to wait for someone to call me back within the hour to make sure it was ok for me to pick it up! I was furious at the idea that I couldnt pick up something that I had purchased so I asked for a supervisor again. While on hold for a supervisor the local office calls and says they got a message that i wanted to pick the tv up that day and that i shouldn't come down because they still couldn't locate the tv! I said but a supervisor told me that your facility called while i was on the phone and said they found it and even gave me details. The local worker said she was sorry but that just wasn't true because they cannot call specific reps on the phone and they don't give a time guarantee because of the possibility of traffic and other driving issues. She went on to say that i would have to wait until Monday to see if the tv turns up or if they would have to start an investigation.

Does UPS tell its representatives to lie? How do you lose a 50" television? I have lost all confidence in UPS and will never use them again by choice. If the place i order from uses UPS i will not order from them.

I'm sorry that I have no photo to attach but I DON'T HAVE A TV!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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