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Some of the rudest, most careless people ever. I was at home waiting for a package to be delivered.

Heard the buzzer go off to my apartment and ran from my room to the front door to let the delivery guy in. Unlocked the door, heard the click signifying that it had unlocked, and waited for them to come up to my door and deliver the package as per usual. Next think I know, I hear the ups truck starting. At first confused that it wasn't them I went downstairs to look and see if they left it outside.

Nope. They left a note saying sorry we missed you. Now, keep in mind I ran from my room in my small apt to the front door which took maybe 10 seconds at most. You're telling me you didn't hear the loud click of the automatic lock unlocking or you just buzzed and left?

Or maybe it was sheer laziness that you didn't want to walk to the second floor as has been done every time before? I don't know what more I could've done besides run onto my balcony and yell after them to wait up. This has become a common reoccurrence lately for packages I have delivered by ups. If you're going to deliver a package then do it.

Otherwise let me know to drive to pick it up from the post office. Keep in mind delivery time is consistently between 11am and 1pm where I live meaning if I want my package via delivery I need to take time off of work. The least you could've done was leave it out front as it contained no valuables and I was very clearly home.

Since this isn't the first time its happened all I can say is, what a joke ups has become lately. From now on I plan on picking up my packages from the post office.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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