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I have a delivery person who "Drops and Knocks ", when after he is out of eye site writes that I signed for my package. Obviously I have not because he knocks at my door and leaves my box at my door without my signature!

! I have asked this young man not to leave packages at my door. All my packages are delivered with a customer signature order from the company who has sent it, all packages. I had a $200.00 bottle of purfuam stolen from my door within 3 minutes after delivery.

I called the company right away and they told me it said I signed for it, I told them I had not. This is when I found out U.P.S. delivery was signing and leaving my packages at my door. All of the events have been recorded on camera in hallways, elevators, lobby, front door and outside the apt building.

In closing, this has only been happening since the original driver no longer delivers . I am very unhappy and would never expect this to happen with a company like UPS. I blame management and the Commerce City station in Colorado.

I was not able to get a refund for my purfuam, that was the first time the package was left, but the company said they would be contacting UPS and I should be hearing from them, which I have not. This UPS station in Commerce City Colorado has been given a F rating by the B.B.B.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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