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I have an expressed written submitted request for "signature only delivery with UPS. UPS is NOT to leave a package without my signature!

Today for the 3rd time in 2015 UPS has left a package on the premises WITHOUT the signature, at risk & exposed to theft, without my being home!! UPS Has the WORSE customer service except for 1 driver several years ago. UPS has an "Ongoing" habit breaking their own rules where the drivers will make 2-3 delivery attempts in "the SAME DAY" To Avoid having to return the 3 daily attempts as stated & quoted upon calling, their rules! UPS Drivers have been doing this for years & getting away with it UNLESS we as consumers complain (wThe high rip-off cost of delivery charges we pay, we should & read reviews).

UPS also has a extremely bad habit in our Urban city of leaving your package "wherever they deem they want"! Some years ago during the holidays I had 6 packages UPS 'distributed' around my block to neighbors I didn't even know; 2 packages were stolen, 1 pkg was found at the side door, & a very package was given to a neighbor, fortunately honest enough to bring over OR I would never known!! I filed a complaint with UPS & the store & my 2 items were replaced! I am totally pissed because 1 driver I witness him as the driver who left the pkg, he denied it, was very rude & didn't seem to care!

Today 7/31/15 UPS Can identify who was the driver on my Route who failed to get a signature & Took the UPS note as evidence!

If Companies need to know their relationship with UPS is in jeopardy of causing them to lose business as well as UPS! I Will file a Formal Complaint with UPS & LG Products

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It's not up to you. You're not UPS's customer, you're the consignee.

The shipper is UPS's customer and you are the shipper's customer. It's up to the shipper.


I guess a person can hand write on their plane ticket "Give me a First Class Seat" and then come on here to complain they were not given a First Class Seat!!

Signature required is extra cost, just as much as a first class seat on a plane!


tell the shipper to put signature required on the shipment. They won't leave it then. It is a service that has to be paid for though, otherwise they will leave the package if it's "safe"


That option is very expensive. That is why ups does this not, so people pay 5x more for shipping.

Next time it happens claim you never got it. Ups will be forced to cover the loss if you force them to.


I don't know but I'm thinking your silly suggestion is stealing.

Remember, thou shall not steal!!

Rather follow this *** advice I would suggest having the package held at the station if they mean that much to you.


Signature required does not cost 5x the price of shipping....