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I live in a trailer park (where some dopeheads live here)... and... I was waiting on a CREDIT CARD!

Even the fact that I got a lot number AND that the name OF A BANK was on the enveloppe, UPS just didnt give a shot and left them stuck in the front door of the manager office! Which, by the way, WAS NOT EVEN HERE!

I guess it's unless to say that they didnt ask for my signature because we had to look around for it, knowing it would be here today...

I was lucky to get that, moreover when I needed it the same day cause we are moving!

I used the service cause it was the only way for me to get it so fast, but if I have the option, I will NEVER use them AGAIN!

It's not the first time they drop stuff up like that either....

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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