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I had a package being delivered to my home and wanted to change delivery to a local UPS Store.In order to do that online, I had to sign up for a "My UPS" service (which took an inordinate amount of time).

At the end of the process, I looked for the option to change delivery to a store. Nothing. Again and again, around I go. Finally, I called the 800 number and eventually get an agent.

It turns out that becuase the shipment is coming from outside the country, I cannot get it redirected. So... they couldn't tell me that up front before I wasted my time? Still confused as to why I could never find that out online and in the interest of actually learning where I hit a wall, I get shuffled over to customer service who proceeds to tell me that the "no redirected delivery" policy was hidden in the Terms of Service and that because the service wasn't offered on this package, that the option to do that DOESN'T APPEAR.

So I'm trying to explain to this so called technical guy that there should be some button or notice or something to tell me that I can't do that instead of nothing. The guy insists that I'm at fault because I didn't read the entire Terms of Service and put two and two together. Sheesh!

UPS just doesn't get it.Ths is really crappy User Interface Design and it leaves a really bad taste in my mouth.

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