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We had a package scheduled for delivery on Friday. According to UPS tracking the package was on the truck for delivery.I kept an eye on it as it was important I receive this package on the day it was scheduled, it was getting late in the day but was still showing to be delivered on time. At about 6:30 it was rescheduled for Monday, reason incorrect address. I called UPS and confirmed it was the correct address. I was told the driver could not find the address even though we have had many delivery's from the same shipper. I asked if i could pick up the package and was told the customer center closed at 5:00 pm and would not reopen until Monday.

1. How could a company as technologically advanced as UPS not find an address?

2. How could UPS not allow you access to you're package on the weekend?

UPS totally dropped the ball.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #831991

uh UPS is not technologically advanced. More like semi-retarded, dysfunctional idiots.

Orlando, Florida, United States #830180

1) Even with a GPS there are plenty of places that will not show up on such a device.

2) They do not allow you access to YOUR package on the weekend because they are closed, and aren't going to open an office/depot center for one person.

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