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On January 7, 2010, UPS mistakenly delivered a package I had shipped to a UPS store to the Williams-Sonoma distribution center in Memphis, Tennessee. The package was clearly marked with the name of the friend I was mailing the package to, as well as the UPS box number and complete address of the UPS Store where it was supposed to be delivered on the other side of the city; however, the driver either could not read or did not care (or both) and left the package at Williams-Sonoma.

When my friend went to pick up the package on January 9, the delivery mistake was discovered when only two of the three boxes I had mailed where at the UPS store. I had to call UPS corporate customer service to even find out where the lost package had been delivered and have a lost package tracer placed on the delivery. Though they apologized repeatedly, customer service didn't seem all that sure the package could even be retrieved and acted as if problems like this occurred every day and were not a big deal.

Next I attempted to call the Memphis UPS hub. The number was always busy and I mean ALWAYS. I repeatedly tried to call them over several hours and I was never able to get thru. I'm sure it probably would've been more of the same lousy customer service I received at the corporate level, if not worse.

Frankly, I would not trust UPS to deliver a package of used kleenex and toenail clippings down the street. This is the second time in eight months I've had problems with them. My lost package was found in May, but it looked as if it had been run over by a bus. If I had not been backed up against a wall in an emergency situation, I would not have used them again. Next time, I will turn around and burrow thru that wall to the nearest FedEx or USPS to ship my packages. It would be safer to send them by rabid camels than trust the Memphis UPS hub to get something to the right place at the right time.

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:zzz Denali - your reply is pricelesss; I agree completely!

Because UPS is unionize, the employees have no fear they will be fired if they don't do their job! My sister has the same problem at the Post Office, you have to screw up 6 times in a month before they can nominate you to be reprimanded. If you mess up 5 times, after a month it resets, so no one ever gets fired!!!


:roll The address WAS written so it could be easily read. In fact, the woman at the UPS Store complimented me on just how neatly the address was written on all my packages.

(I'm a legal writer/researcher/proofreader by profession, so my writing has to be neat and legible.) In fact, the first paragraph of my report states the package was "clearly marked."

Since there was nothing in my report to suggest the address on the packages was difficult to read, Mr. UPS Delivery Driver (because why on earth would you be so offended if you didn't work for the company?), perhaps you should consider taking a course in reading comprehension before posting another comment.


Maybe you should try writing the address so people can actually read it. (And it's not like the driver, as you suggest, just didn't care and delivered the package to the wrong address. Obviously it's not the same driver delivering on the other side of the city.) I think it's hilarious when people have the nerve to complain about something that was clearly the result of their own incompetence.