Some time ago I ordered a large item. UPS refused to leave it at my door, even with a delivery signature release.

So I called the closest hub, in Leesburg, FL. I had the displeasure of having to deal with a woman there named Carla. She was rude, inflexible, and unhelpful. The only way I could get my package was to drive to Leesburg, FL, over 50 miles away.

And to make it worse, Calla insisted I had to arrive within a small window of time, less than an hour, to get my package. I had to borrow a truck, and then drove there. Even thought I made it within the time frame given, Carla was unhelpful when I arrived. She was on the phone, and simply waived me outside, pointing to where my package was.

It was just leaning against a post outside, unattended. However, two nice UPS staff put it in my truck for me. I left. Then, I get a call from the police!

Carla called the police and told them I stole the item! So, I complained about Carla and the situation. While the man, who claimed to be a District Manager, swore he'd make it right, and implored that we "start over," the Leesburg staff did not get that message. Even though this District Manager claimed my file was noted that I did not have to sign for any packages, after a little time, I am now not receiving my packages.

No matter how small, I arrive home to find a note from UPS stating my signature is required, and thus, my delivery is delayed. Today was the most recent of these.

I paid a PREMIUM to have my package delivered today because I am going out of town. Now, I have to wait another day for my package, and waste a vacation day, because UPS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Manager.

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No, YUMAD4, your are ignorant much, because those UPS *** offs are WAAAY over themselves about how they treat their customers. They all need and deserve to get fired and become homeless.


paranoid much? im sure they deal with upset people all the time. maybe have the people sending stop requesting a signature, even tho you say its ok the person on the sending side requested your signature.

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