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I order a lot things online due to my disability. I depend on having the items I purchase delivered.

I have very little to no issues with USPS or FedEx but nearly every time I am stuck using UPS there is an issue. I hate complaining because I hate to see people get in trouble or even lose a job. but UPS really needs to clean up their act. I had a an order was supposed to be delivered last Monday 7/31/17 and I waited all day and it didn't show.

later that night I seen that UPS said no one was here. I have two dogs and I was waiting and listening for the delivery all day. NONE Of us heard this delivery person..and my dogs can hear anything. there is no sorry we missed you tag Tuesday Aug 1st I have been waiting all day doors wide open to make sure they know I am here and it's now 6:30 pm and nothing.

maybe it will still come but no one should have to wait to solid days not knowing if it's going to arrive or not. I have a covered porch it has a 20 by 10 awning my porch is 3 feet off the ground. really is no reason to not just put it on my porch. this has happened several times here with UPS and I think it's because I live so far out that the drivers simply don't want to deliver the package out here.

I am going to stop purchasing anything that uses UPS. it's just not worth it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Home Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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