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If you need to contact anyone at ups, use the first initial of the first name and the last name

Here is a link to the management team:

I insured a package for $5000. Ups paid only $1000 because the package was mailed from a UPS store and cited the following clause from a contract which was not given to me:

1 Maximum Declared Values

The maximum declared value per package is $50,000, except for the following packages for which the maximum declared value may not exceed:

–$1000 per package for a package shipped via a Third-Party Retailer if such package was previously manifested using a Source Document, UPS Automated Shipping System, or UPS Internet Shipping, prior to drop off at the Third-Party Retailer

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Update: UPS agreed to pay the claim.


here's the thing, if you had paid the ups store to ship your item, you would have been covered, assuming your item was broken and packed properly OR lost in transit. instead, you thought you'd be cute, ship on your account and use the convenience of the ups store franchise location without paying for that convenience or declaring the value when you left it there as a drop off.

unfortunately for you you didn't read ups tarriffs when you created your account, that my friend was your contract.

this is why st00pid people shouldn't breed, or try to ship things self serve style.

too bad, so sadn sucka.


Today 06/06/2012. I cannot remember the exact highway but I think it was on route fm 405 in texas.

You may have a few pissed off customers As 1 of your drivers Came around a curve at the same time in me. He was going south and I was going north. On the curve he was going too fast. He skided partially into my lane.

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