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Over the past 2 months I have placed about 14 online orders. Everything that was shipped by Fed Ex and USPS arrived on time and undamaged even in horrendous weather conditions.

Then there's UPS... they have lost a total of 3 packages in these 2 months. Lost package #1 - When I called because the package they said had been left at my door at 6:00 was not there at 6:35 (I was outside shoveling snow from the driveway at this time, no UPS truck even went down the street) I was advised to keep looking. The second time I called they told me to contact Amazon, because it's Amazons responsibility, not theirs.

Thank goodness Amazon has such stellar customer service.They shipped out a replacement overnight. Still has not arrived. Lost package #2 - UPS lost track of it in Arizona somewhere. They told me to call Amazon, since they could not find it.

Amazon sent out a replacement overnight. It arrived here well after dark looking like it had been run over by a truck and then chucked from the street to the doorstep. It was laying in a bush. At least I got it though!

Lost package #3 - Was a Kindle for my sons CHristmas present. Said they left it on my porch (I do not have a porch, unless you count one small concrete step and a series of stepping stones as a porch.) First I was advised to check under my porch (Really UPS, should I also pry up the stepping stones). Then they advised me to go door to door in my neighborhood and ask for it. I went to a total of 12 houses and did not find my package.

But I did find another person who had similar problems with UPS that week. Yet again Amazon and their fantastic customer service replaced the kindle and sent it to me Fed Ex.

It arrived on time, in perfect packaging, and the driver actually knocked on the door with a smile in the daylight hours! From now on I refuse to purchase anything that is shipped by UPS as they clearly have no idea how to treat other peoples packages.

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I wish I had read this before I gave ups my money to deliver my package. I am soooooo mad right now.

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