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I live in a quiet neighborhood, and I was out of the house for 1 1/2 hours. While I was gone, the UPS guy supposedly left my computer at the front door, and I have a confirmation of delivery, but no item! I have lived in this house for 40+ years, and nothing has ever been missing before.

The next day I saw the UPS guy, and told him that I did not get my computer, and he said he did NOT deliver to my house on the day in question.

I called UPS and was told to file a claim with the sender, Best Buy, and BB would initiate an investigation. BB said "This happens all the time."

In the meantime, I paid for the computer and I do not have it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #769157

Pissed wants me to do a final report, so here it is:

I never got my package. I wasted a lot of time in working with the seller (Best Buy) and my credit card company and UPS, and the upshot is that the charge was cancelled and I have no computer.

About 3 weeks after this episode UPS came to my door and asked me to sign a statement that I did not receive the computer, which of course I did sign. On the form I noticed that the item had been scanned as delivered at a location about one mile away from my house! I questioned the driver, and he said "There is no such address." All this happened in early December, BEFORE ANY STORMS.

LESSONS LEARNED: Do not trust UPS, try to accept delivery at a store, not your house.

to BillieUSA2013 Newark, New Jersey, United States #769838

So you weren't charged and that makes you mad?

Btw how do you know it was delivered to the wrong address, maybe bb put the wrong address on the package and ups delivered to that "correct" address. Just sayin.

to it takes all kinds #770196

Yes, I am mad because I paid for the item, I was charged, and had to waste at least 5 hours to get a refund, time I cannot afford to waste. My time is very valuable.

Did you read what I said previously?

It was not delivered to the wrong address... the UPS guy said it was scanned at an address that does not exist! Best Buy did not make a mistake. The address would have been generated by my credit card information, which was a confirmed charge. I got a confirmation of delivery from Best Buy and UPS, and it was not delivered. Then 3 weeks later the UPS guy said it was scanned in a mile away from my house, at an address that does not exist. Of course I do not know what the label said, because I never saw the package, but my address could not have been wrong... it came from my credit card information.

Richardson, Texas, United States #753803

Do a search on youtube for stolen package shipments.

Folks make a living by following delviery trucks and swiping the items once they have been delivered.

Signature required is the best way to go.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #753647

He delivered it but forgot. Probably got snatched from the porch in your "quiet neighborhood".

I am sure BBB meant that packages disappear all of the time, not that UPS says they deliverd when they didn't. Nobody at the BBB would make any remark of this sort.

to MikeBrady West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #754078

Thank you for your idea... It has been 3 days now, and I have not heard from Best Buy.

I paid for the computer, and I do not have it. Maybe somebody did steal it, but as I said, it has never happened before in 40 years, though the world is changing, for sure.

PS I did not write BBB (Better Business Bureau?).

I wrote BB, my abbreviation for Best Buy. And yes, the customer service guy from Best Buy said it happens all the time.

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