i ordered a camera from cameta camera.

i used my paypal acct.

they DIDN'T use my verified and confirmed paypal address.

ups marked the delivery as undeliverable, address incomplete or missing and refused to deliver.

i am out 1 day of work and had to cancel an activity scheduled for later that night.

ups customer service said to call cameta camera and have them update the address and ups would reshedule delivery for the next day.

the customer service rep didn't tell me that it had to be done that night.

they knew that but i didn't.

what they did know however, was that i told them that the camera store was closed and i wouldn't be able to call until the next day.

so at 8:30 pm i contacted my employer and asked for ANOTHER day off (without pay) and waited until 9 am the next day to call cameta camera.

when i did, they said that their info showed the camera had been marked for return to them at 8:30 the previous night by ME, 1 minute after i hung up with the ups customer service rep (who told me it would be resheduled for delivery the next day).

ups made 1 attempt to deliver to an address that was obviously incomplete.

they didn't hold the item for 1 complete 24 hour period.

they returned it to the vendor against my instructions and in direct contradiction to what their customer service rep said would happen.

it is scheduled to be delivered to the camera company on the 12th and resent to me with delivery on th 17th,

i ordered this camera 3 times from cameta camera starting on 22 june and sold my previous camera thinking i would have a replacement.

IF i get the camera back on the 17th it will have been close to a month for a 3-4 day transaction to have occurred. totally unacceptable and unprofessional.

somehow i'm wrong and i'm at fault and neither of the 2 companies involved seem to want to take any of the blame for their mishandling of the purchase and shipping.

IF and when it is finally delivered i will have been out of 3 DAYS of work without pay waiting for delivery.

that's approximately $600 of lost wages.

this turned out to be 1 expensive camera.

i am absolutely dissatisfied with the way ups handles theirr business and my merchandise.

i will never buy anything again that must be sent ups.


Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Your are total correct. UPS's customer service people are the worst of the worst.

They are terrible along with all others at UPS when you make a call to them. No customer relations. Always reading from a script and can not think for themselves. They could not find themselves out of a box.

We, the customer nd shipper, payd your salaries. Brown, what can you do for me?

*** ME! Federal Express Delivers!


1st of all, the company you ordered it from sent it to the wrong address, not UPS. 2nd, in order for something to be returned after only one delivery attempt, the receiver(you) must refuse it.

Some companies however will automatically prompt a return if one of their shipments is undeliverable. Your issue is with the camera company, not UPS.

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