After reading several complaints here about UPS i think its very SAD that they can commit CONSUMER FRAUD and nobody does anything about it..I think everybody that has been scammed by UPS and CRAWFORD INSURANCE should file a Class Action Lawsuit and then maybe this FRAUD would stop because they are making a Fortune by Stealing from Consumers over and over again..If everybody gives up and walks away they will continue to Steal,Lie,and committ Consumer Fraud with no punishment done..My complaint has gone thru the BBB and they said they have thousands of complaints about UPS and are finally going to look further into it and them..Also have Filed with the ILLINOIS attorney general's office and they are Investigating the matter also but the only way it will stop is for everybody Involved to Complain enough to get a resolution..

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I have severe issues with UPS and have started using USPO Priority Mail. It is half the cost and twice as fast as UPS ground.

UPS continues to deliver packages on the street. I live in a townhouse with a garage on the parking lot which also serves as a street. Criminals can follow the truck around and pickup the packages dumped by ups. I have had $650 equipment pilfered (75pounds!!).

They have destroyed other equipment, promised to pay, and then haven't seen the check for 7 years now!! UPS (or maybe FedEx) has dumped an envelop during a rain and windstorm back there with a $24,000 check that needed to be distributed to others. Luckily I caught it before it blew away!

If anyway possible, go to USPO Priority Mail and get to know your mail carrier as they will bring the mail to the front door (despite managers demands).

If not, complain to the post office and if still not, take them to small claims. I have not had a problem with the USPO.

to Zip Zapper Portland, Oregon, United States #636405

priority mail half the price of ground? laughable!

if you think 10% is half you really need to buy a calculator.

and btw that 10% less only works on small packages, try checking prices onsay 18x12x12...you'll find ground to be SIGNIFICANTLY less more like 30%. you really are a clueless noob.


You filed with the Better Business Bureau? I bet UPS is shaking in their boots.

The BBB is a BUSINESS in and of itself. If a company receives a negative rating, they just have to pay a fee and it gets removed.

It's basically an extortion racket. And UPS is a big enough company that a few hundred, even thousands, of complaints each year make no difference at all.


What's funny is that you can type in Fedex on this site's search engine and find all the exact same complaints.


Well after reading complaints about UPS and the damage they cause and not honor insurance claims i finally see where the consumer has had enough..First of all i am a Powerseller on Ebay and sell and ship about 75 to 85 Items a week,I used to use UPS until they destroyed a $2000.00 dollar Helmet and refused to honor the insurance Claim..Well i did the usual complaining and letter sending to everybody and their Mothers but what i forgot about was posting the complaint on Ebay itself just to see who else is having problems with UPS and OMG there are thousands out there so what i did was tell people about the Service i received from FEDEX and how awsome they are and their pricing is about 20% cheaper then UPS and to date already i have accomplished taking 7 Powersellers away from UPS and they now ship thru FEDEX so the way i look at it is if UPS doesn't want to pay the insurance claim on my Helmet of $2000.00 dollars thats fine because i have taken away better then $3000.00 dollars a week in shipping from them and now FEDEX gets it and i will keep going till UPS feels it and changes Business practice..It looks like another big business thats going to go down the tubes and the dishonest people that work for UPS are going to be in the unimployment lines...THANK GOD..

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