Lynn Haven,Florida

The UPS drivers were seen driving up and down our streets all day long and than wait to deliver my package at 9pm what gives with this ***? They bang like they are trying to bust my door in and than when I go to answer door find out they left my package way at the end of my driveway for someone to steal.

This package weighed 81 pounds being an elderly person I could not move it inside my home. This is unacceptable behavior on UPS part. They have no line to complain!

I will call police next time on any of their drivers who bang my door late at night like this rude driver! Or better yet make sure I let everyone know of my bad experience with UPS!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'm a UPS driver. Do you think we like working that late?


Also, it's our job to knock when we deliver. Think about the driver that wants to get home and see his/her kids before they get to bed.


Your right, they should have left it by the door. But shouldn't have knocked because it was late.

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