After the first attempt to deliver my package with a required signature I went to ups.com/join as the ups invoice notice instructed me to do. I created an account and set up a no signature required since I couldn't pick a delivery time that worked well with my work schedule.

Two more attempts by the delivery driver and he refused to leave the package. So I called UPS the following morning to see if I could pick up the package myself (note I'd have to *** work) and they had already sent to package back to the company I bought it from.

Grrrrr. I will never use UPS again for business or personal use.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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They deliver when they feel like it. No one can even give you a estimated delivery time no way to contact driver and customer have to wait all day to get delivery


if the package required a 21 or over signature or was in a no driver release zone or the shipper shipped it requiring a signature it doesn't matter what you signed up for online

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