Toronto, Ontario
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I received a parcel to my door, which had been paid for along with shipping.

I contacted customer service in regards to the COD charges, for explanation.

On a package with goods worth $350 they claim there are COD fees of $106? Absolutely insane! The shipping itself cost more than that! The CSR wasn't able to explain the COD fees, either. Customs documents tell what fees are charged, and why. This woman stammered her way through what was not even close to an explanation.

I will NEVER be shipping UPS again, and will be certain I tell everyone of this horrible experience.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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No, I definately just recieved a package that clearly says 0 for duty, 5.33 for GST(the expected duty charge) then I had to pay tax on the brokerage fee which was .85 and 1.53, 17.10 for the actual brokerage fee which according to the UPS website is supposed to be $7. The total COD was 24.81, this is all for an item costing 38.29.

Not to mention I already paid 21.35 to have it shipped in the first place.

I am never going to ship UPS again if I have the option and instead use National postal service where I only get hit with the the real duty charge(5.33 in this case) instead of 24.81, which is what I would normally pay ordering similar items of a similar price range($35 - $45)


This isn't a COD, it's a tax being charged by the govt of whatever country you live in. Has nothing to do with UPS, they're just acting as an intermediary between you and customs.

Be glad you don't live in Mexico, or Italy, or many other countries in the world, as the fees would have been much higher.


No, it was Art work, and was a gift.

The UPS rep couldn't explain why the COD charges were so high. I expected Duty, but NOT that high an amount.


When you purchase goods from outside the country you need to pay duty on them. This is a govenment imposed fee.

It goes from 0 all the way up to 50-60% of some goods. In order to bring the item into the country UPS needs to pay the government this fee and will add on a very small percentage for handling this transaction. In reality UPS likely only charges about $2-6 for acting as a brokerage agent.

The only $100 is government fees.

Sounds like you were ordering clothing, which in the USA carries some of the highest customs fees.