Fort Lee, New Jersey

I had two packages sent via UPS from Petsmart. The two packages were sent 1 day apart.

The package sent 1 day LATER was delivered on time, but the other package (sent 1 day EARLIER) was delayed for "Adverse weather conditions".

No adverse weather conditions were anywhere near the delivery path (I checked), and a package sent a day later from the same origin comes on time??

Yes, we need to give UPS a lawsuit for lying to their customers and using "Adverse weather conditions" as a lie to cover up their incompetence.

I have read many similar complaints online.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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He was just busy visiting his girlfriend en route. That's all.


Ups sucksssss!


I have experienced the same BS when I get a notification package out for delivery, then when I call it's " adverse weather conditions". Yes we had snow but street s were clear.

How does it go from " it's on its way you will get it today" to weather problems. So sick of being lied to.


Yes you are right... If the weather in your little hole is OK it means weather is good all over the country including the hubs and spokes this company runs. Do not reproduce...


still happening 2019.. When I went to check, they claimed, we weren't on record..

Well, until my husband walked in, and started raising *** Suddenly, the packages magically appeared on computer when we gave them our tracking # that we printed out. If we hadn't they would have lied again. apparently, our packages were "out for delivery" AGAIN.. 3 weeks after the original date..

And they still never showed up. We called corporate, and KYLE, lied saying we were going to have those packages delivered GUARANTEED that night.. I didn't bother to check the next morning, because i knew he was lying like a cheap rug.

Sure enough! Still no packages - a month later.


A weather delay and the weather is great. UPS are LIARS!


Still happening. Nov. 2018


Ups just drove by my house 10 minutes after issuing an "Emergency situation". Liars indeed!


I have a package as well...stuck in Cerritos, CA due to "Severe Weather, Recovery in Progress". I checked online and didn't see anything about severe weather there. Seems fishy to me...


I actually had on package delayed over a month, then it was returned to the sender. I had to get a refund and buy it again.


Im in they suck


Told me the exact same thing!

My package is held up in the city I'm in and they claim adverse weather conditions which is ***!

Tyler Texas weather has no effect on roads at this time!

Outright lie on UPS!



mines in my city somewhere and its basically sunny out... next day shipping and its been delayed twice, one late flight and now bad weather.


Same here. I just looked up the weather on the path the package took and it has and is and will be fair weather on the route it has and will take. LIES LIES and more *** LIES UPS!


same problem class action lawsiut



I am so glad someone else knows about UPS lying. I ordered an oven part just before Christmas and sent it “next day”. I tracked it through to Cerritos California which is about 15 miles from my house. I waited all day and it was never delivered, it did not leave the hub in Cerritos. When I emailed to complain, I said I was angry it was just sitting there 15 miles from my house and if it wasn’t going to be delivered should I just go get it and I wanted my money back for the “next day” service.

They responded (by email) the next day by saying it was “adverse weather conditions” and they would not refund and they put a stop on my delivery and said I could pick it up in a few days!! They wrote “as requested” I now had to go to the hub. So I could have gotten my delivery that day but they stopped it. I had 14 family members coming to diner on Christmas Eve and no oven! Now I was angry and I called the Cerritos hub. They said it didn’t go out the previous morning because of “high volume of packages”. I then checked the weather patterns all along the path of delivery and there was no “adverse conditions” as a mater of fact, the flight took less time then normal to get to California.

When I called customer service again, they used the “weather conditions” again and I challenged them. He said he would check if I could go to Cerritos and pick the part up myself sooner than after Christmas and he would call me back in less than an hour. He never called but he did go in and add a line to my package tracking page between Louisville, KY and Los Angles Ca. He wrote “adverse weather conditions”. Again, there was none and before I complained that line wasn’t there.

This is a bold face lie!!! They can’t add a line to tracking and make it true. Locally they said “high volume” (of course it is Christmas, that I can understand) but when you ask for a refund, they say “adverse weather conditions” so they don’t have to pay!

I want in on a class action suit. Who can do this?


They just did the exact same thing toe when I asked for a refund! The adverse weather comment was not thee before I called but as soon as I got off the phone asking for a refund, Boom there it is! Class action I'm in!!!