My husband is at home with my son all day until 4:35. You would think that this would make it easy for us to receive packages at our home.

But no matter what, if those packages come through UPS, we have delays and hassle. When I call the main line to let them know I would like delivery before 4:35, I am told they cannot be of help, because they have no power to communicate with the delivery personnel about time of delivery. But they would love for me to do their job for them, and go pick the package up at the distribution center. Can I have the local number?

No. They don't have it. (Right). Leaving a note on the door to ask the driver to please deliver before 4:35 doesn't work either.

I just get an infuriating little sticker saying 2nd attempt, will try again tomorrow between 2 and 5 or after 5. Clearly, the driver does not care about my before 4:35 request. He never, ever shows up before then, no matter how many requests I make.

If I can help it, I never chose to use UPS.

But not all retailers give me the choice. I understand that this is a business choice, because clearly UPS has made a corporate decision that is can make money without offering reasonable service, but this is ridiculous. We have a pretty large window of time in which we can accept delivery.

Instead, I am apparently going to have to drive to the distribution center, again, and manage to carry both my baby and my package back to the car at the same time.

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Not to sound harsh, however a driver makes somewhere between 80-140 stops per day. They are just unable to accommodate times.

It would be nice if they could, however in order to be efficient, they cannot be hopping all over town to accommodate requested delivery times.

I am sure everybody would like to pick their delivery time. The reality is, drivers have a job to do, they need to make 140 stops, they cannot break up their day because you have somewhere to be at 4:35.


Hey John UPS is the biggest piece of *** company and they will go belly us soon

I was left a note saying they would be back Monday after 5PM and today is Monday and IM at work till 5 pm and they show up at 10AM.

I called up to find out that there is no way the driver can put a time down and I will need to have a neighbor sign for it. We will see how that works out tomorrow stay tuned


Sounds like your husband is an unemployed *** maybe you should dump him and start doing the UPS Driver at least he has a job and you will get your packages on time


You just happened to fall at the end of the driver's route. You can't reasonably expect him to completely change his delivery route just to accomodate your one package, and risk delivering/picking up other people's packages late.

Most people complain that their driver only attempts delivery during the day, when they're at work.

You complain that they only deliver in the evening. Sounds like they can't win.

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