Dallas, Texas
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UPS claims they have delivered orders to our front door on both Dec 1st and 2nd - however, these packages have not been delivered.

Twice now we have had to contact UPS via phone because they have stated on our tracking numbers that a package from MACYS.com and a package from AMAZON.com have been delivered.

The macy's claim was solved by calling Macys. HOWEVER this is now a repeating pattern of problems involved with UPS and the apartment complex policy on package delivery from UPS is if we are not at home, they MUST deliver it to the front office. A policy is not being followed through with. We are livid that the things we have spent hard earned money on is either being stolen or not delivered, these are christmas and holiday gifts that have mysteriously disappeared.

On the second phone call to UPS (to the small parcels department) I was repeatedly transfered around and when they told me I had to call the office of the company I was ordering from, again, in order to submit a tracer on the package. I demanded to be transfered to someone who could help us because last time in contacting Macys to set a tracer on the package - we received no results until I had to specifically call the department to get someone from customer service.

In this second phone call, the woman transfered our call and then preceded to hang up on us.

I am now extremely pissed that we are being given the run around on multiple occasions and that UPS will not hold responsibility for the lies that their employees are delivering packages to our front door when they are not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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