As early as 2009, we sent an expensive espresso machine for repair. It was a heavy steel appliance wrapped securely and boxed. It arrived in the neighboring state at the repair shop positively mangled and impossible to repair. (it was one of two completely damaged ones to arrive that day, according to shop owner.) We received a call from a UPS claims agent who said she would look into it by inspecting the damage, etc. We never heard another word. And this is truly my biggest source of anger at UPS. If one does not follow-up, they let it slide.It lacks integrity in the extreme. I was not aware of this at the time, so I trusted them to take the case to conclusion and I did not retain tracking numbers, to my subsequent chagrin.) Consequently, UPS offers no online customer service without this information. Fast forward a few months and a sales representative turns up at our business location trying to drum up business. When I realized the claim was going nowhere, I contacted her and asked her to earn our business by looking into our claim. She, too, got pretty curt with us for the lack of a tracking number even though I could supply the shipper and recipient information. She dropped out of site having provided no value whatsoever.

We were forced to purchase a replacement that cost $1200. But beyond that, the arrogant disregard of UPS would appear to be rooted in company policy rather than a few bad apples not doing their jobs.

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