Several times now I've waited all day for a package, only to check the status online and see it was supposedly left on my porch. Of course it wasn't anywhere to be found. Is our UPS driver just lazy or what? Because no packages were left, and when I contact UPS they are beyond useless. They really act like you are wasting their time. Nothing ever happens when I've gone on their online chat feature and asked them what happened to my package, and I usually just give up and get reimbursed from the company I ordered the item from. I really hate UPS.

It happened yet again yesterday, and this time I figured instead of going right to the company I ordered from who is losing money refunding my purchase, I figured I'd lodge a complaint directly with UPS for once. But when I contacted customer service they kept saying they couldn't help, they'd have to transfer me to another department who could. Each department kept saying the same thing! Finally some guy who sounded like he couldn't care less read his robotic script to me and asked what was in the package, confirmed address, etc- and said ok we'll open an investigation get back to you in 8 days or so. I asked him why does this keep happening? He said I'm not sure, should I contact your local UPS facility and have them check as well?

Wait, what? I said, isn't that already part of your investigation?? How else are you going to "investigate"? I feel as though UPS just talks in circles and gives you a run-around until you give up and contact the company you ordered from. Oh, and the guy said to hold while he contacts them himself, but was only gone a couple seconds and said he couldn't reach them. What? In that nanosecond you had me on hold you actually tried to contact them? Doubt it. We'll see where their "investigation" leads but I'm not hopeful. I went ahead and contacted the company I ordered from in the first place and they quickly refunded me. They probably know it's useless dealing with UPS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #927300

One of 2 things will happen.

The Shipper will requuire a signature on all future orders, or you will have to go to the UPS facility to pick up.

In case you have not seen the news, there are folks who follow delivery trucks and swipe the delivered packages.

to Wally #927320

Thanks Wally, you're probably right. As for theft I doubt it, as each time it was a package I was waiting for and was home.

The way our house is set up I can clearly see if anyone has walked up to my house and is on our porch, and no one came at all on the days I waited. You're probably exactly right about the other points though, thanks for your input.

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #927420

Thought of a possible good solution.

Have merchandise sent out C.O.D, it will cost a bit more on the shipping, but no one can snag it since a driver cannot release it without the C.O.D. being collected.

As well, you are not able to watch your front door the entire day, so it is feasible the driver leaves it and it gets pilfered.

Just a couple more thoughts.

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