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My complaint involves 3 major companies, QVC, UPS, and the Vendor Vintage Wine Estates. On December 5th I ordered 12 bottles of white wine from QVC for the holidays, some we're a gift. Due to the weather the delivery date was rescheduled twice which I understand. Finally there was a delivery scheduled for Dec. 19th. UPS usually delivers in my neighborhood between 1130am and 130pm and since I work from home, I kept an eye out the front window where my office is so when they drove up for delivery I would be ready to sign for the shipment. So the driver pulls up across the street from my house, doesn't get out, and not 30 seconds later drives off, he did not come to my house or again, get out of the truck. I see him round the corner and stop. I go to and request a status update on the package at 1:05pm, and get a response at 1:07pm that said 'The receiver did not want the order and refused this delivery'. How could I refuse a delivery when there was no attempt made? Furious I called UPS Customer Service and told them what happened, the fellow escalated the issue and had the Fort Worth site call me. I get a call from Stephanie who says the shipment was damaged and that is how they log it in documentation. This is flat out lying by the company that the customer refused the shipment when the customer was not even approached. So I tell her I want the shipment delivered because something is not adding up. On Dec. 20th UPS again pulls up across from my house, sits for maybe 30 seconds and *** again, so I get back on the phone and call UPS CS and while on hold for a rep the UPS truck pulls back up in front of my house. I go to the front door to meet the driver and my shipment, expecting him to wheel it to my door because of the weight that was documented by QVC and UPS at 34.80 lbs., but instead he is holding a rather small box wrapped in plastic and could not have weighed more than 5-7 lb., but the label has my name and address on it. The box was sealed and intact with slight moisture on one side. I'm thinking where is the rest of my shipment? I decide to open the box and there is only two bottles of wine (one is broken) and both we're a Red Merlot wine, WHY? My order was 12 bottles of white wine which shows on the packing slip inside this box of two. I had called QVC earlier and advised the CS rep that I was told by UPS the shipment was damaged but at the time did not know this was the complete wrong shipment. She said they could replace the damaged shipment but it would not arrive before the holidays and before I could answer her she said oh I'll just give you a refund , there it's done. Now after seeing the actual shipment I called back to find out where this wine came from and how the shipment could be so wrong. The rep was rude and every time I mentioned that QVC needed to investigate this further and to contact the vendor she flat out said 'NO' we do not contact the vendor. After seeing the shipping labels with the weight shown as 34.8lbs I sent an email to QVC and UPS to find out if the shipment is weighed by QVC or UPS. I haven't heard back from UPS yet but QVC responded this morning 'Our warehouse is the one who initially weighs the shipment before shipping them out'. So now I'm left wondering if QVC has a warehouse in California because that is where the shipment originated from. This is all is to fishy to me and I will continue investigating until I get to the bottom of this issue. I very rarely ask for a handout, but in this case would not only like a refund but a completed order sent to me intact. I would lie to see UPS change the way they document deliveries or maybe this was a rogue driver who needs further investigating. At this point I am thoroughly disgusted with UPS and QVC and will never again promote either company to family and friends in the future.

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QVC has several different warehouses around the country and it also seems like I have heard some of their products ship directly from the manufacturer.

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