After a parcel was sent from the US thru UPS USA arrived in China, due to many reasons including unclear info n customs, the parcel (nothing sensitive or illegal tho) is still now sitting at the customs. It's been more than 3 weeks since I've made this order from a US website.

Whenever i call up their customer hotline they wind me up with a typical "we'll pass on to our colleagues to handle your case..."

No sense of urgency whatsoever, no advice, no nothing from their useless CS center even after placing a fuming complaint.

3 wks n still counting, it's an amazing experience...never use UPS ever again and swear to God will try my very best to ruin their sinking reputation by spreading this on all my social networks thru twitter, FB etc.

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I am having a similar problem...the thing is that ups just send a form in chinese that apparently I just have to fill in...but first...i m italian...not chinese...I expect at least a form in English...then, I have tried to reach the customer service or the person I am supposed to contact...but NONE is answering the *** phone!!!!!!I understand that if the goods are stopped at the custom is not ups's fault...but the customer support is absolutely not helping!!!


And this is completely true! Customs is the government and have the right to hold whatever they want however long they want.

UPS is the middle man not a bully that can force customs to clear your package any faster. But I am still sorry you had to go through that.


Newsflash: UPS, a private company, is not in charge of your government's customs agency. If your govt wants to confiscate, hold, and investigate a particular package, there is nothing anyone can do about it. It has nothing to do with UPS.

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