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Earlier this year, I created a UPS account to ship an one item on eBay. That was the only time I used this account. Then, two months later, I received a strange strange package in the mail that was obviously not intended for me — some weird promotional clock from TD Bank. Soon, a charge for this transaction showed up on my account. I learned later that UPS had a problem delivering the package to the intended recipient in New Jersey, so they billed the account number on the transaction. The problem was UPS gave me an old account, which used to belong to TD Bank, and TD Bank continued to use this account to ship their promo items. Then UPS sent me the bill. After many emails and calls (infinite loop between customer service and call agents), and UPS "supervisors" assuring me that my account had been canceled and I would not be charged... they sent me more bills! So, I call UPS and talk to another agent who tells me that indeed I have to pay the charges, and transfer to another "supervisor", who then reassures me that I don't have to pay the charges and everything has been taken care of.

Here is the explanation I received from UPS:

"At one point your account # was assigned to TD Bank. They set up an account in 2010 and assigned it to a user in their shipping system. The user never shipped and because they did not use the account it was cancelled by UPS on our end and recycled. At that point it was then assigned to you. The user for TD Bank did not realize we had cancelled the account and it was already established in the Banks system. Because of this she was able to process a label to ship. The package was shipped and refused and when a package is refused we look it up in our system and send back to the account owner of record in our system. That is why it came back to you and not the TD Bank user. The administrator for TD Bank has deleted the user and your account number from their system so this should never happen again.

I apologize and you should feel safe. I have been with UPS for 34 years and this is the first time I have seen this happen"

Three months after receiving this email, UPS continues to send me bills for this erroneous transaction! I am sick of it. They apologized but never fixed problem. I cannot trust them anymore. I am worried that this will affect my credit rating or worse. How can I be sure it will not happen again?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

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