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I order shirts from a store and I gave them my CORRECT address. On the scheduled delivery day, the UPS driver claims that my address doesn't "exist" and he did not even bother to look for it. So, I contact the clothing company and they show me my correct address.

So, I call UPS then they give the local ups my number to confirm that my address dose exist. The lady answers the phone with an attitude because no one would answer (It showed up on my caller ID as private) "This was be the last time I was going to call" she said. So, I give her directs and confirm my address. I then check the tracking number 45 minutes later and now it says it's shipping to a differnt city that I don't live in. So, the next morning I call and tell them that it is the wrong address,they had my correct adress before, why did it change. This "New" address was in an small town 45 minutes away with an adress sounding simular to mine in example :If I said 1234 Maple street on planet Mars they wrote down 2314 Mackle street on planet Jupiter. So, I tell them that this is not correct.

I look online and it's still being shipped to that small town. So, I call again about 3 to 4 hours later and they tell me that it has been corrected. I am relived but, still puzzed as to why it still has not been changed with the tracking number. So, later today it shows as delvered but, not to my house.

So, I call agian and tell them that I do not live on "Jupiter" I live on "Mars" . Then they say that my adress was confirmed but, still delivered to the wrong address. Now, they are putting the package in "investigation"

and I told them when and If I I get my package back I am picking it up myself. so, they are tracing my package. My clothes are now sitting on the porch of some stranger.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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