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My company, a small family owned business, ships internationally using UPS. On November 26th they asked if I would be needing a pick-up on the 28th (day after Thanksgiving), I said yes.

On the 28th a package destined for Chile needed to go out, but UPS did not come. I contacted them at which time I was told there would be no pick-up. I asked if I could drop the package off at the local UPS store, and was told it was too late. Frantic, I offered to drive to the regional service center but was told not to bother as they would not accept it.

The only option was to schedule a Saturday pick-up at a premium charge. This for a package that was already costing my customer $356 to ship, that's correct $356! They wanted to charge me even more to make up for their screw-up. Oh and not one word of apology.

You would think they were form the IRS.

Monetary Loss: $356.

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