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I ordered a product from Amazon to be delivered Friday. The tracking status showed the package out for delivery on Friday.

Since it is an expensive item, I waited all day for it to be delivered instead of going out. It was never delivered. Saturday morning the package is still "out for delivery" but Monday is now listed as the delivery date. A UPS telephone agent could only repeat the tracking status four or five times without giving additional information.

A second call to a supervisor got the "It will be delivered Monday" response for the sixth time. When asked why they couldn't deliver it today, Saturday, the answer was "I can't upgrade your delivery to Saturday delivery". I say "I'm not asking for an upgrade. I paid for 2nd day delivery.

It was supposed to be delivered yesterday. I'm asking that you deliver it today. That's not an upgrade in service." When pressed for why it couldn't be delivered today, I got "It could be lost since it wasn't scanned as being delivered back to the warehouse." So, I ask "How can you say it will be delivered Monday if you are now telling me it could be lost." The answer was, "I just said it might be lost, so I can't guarantee it will be delivered at all." So I say "Surely you know which truck the package went on since it was scanned. Can't you call someone and find out where the package is?" Apparently, no because the answer is "Our information shows that our operation is closed on Saturday in your location." My location is San Jose, CA, a city with around 1 million residents and clearly too small a market for them to worry about, right?

UPS clearly could not care less about their customers. Inconsistent stories and dissembling are all they offer.

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