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UPS has failed to deliver a parcel to me because they said 'a correct street name is needed for delivery'. I checked with Customer Services: UPS had the correct address all along but the driver could not find my house.

It is only 5 minutes from the UPS depot. I am told UPS does not put GPS in their vans - even my local cheap minicab firm does!

I am still waiting for my package after 3 days and they say it is 'out for delivery' but will they ever find my house? I have offered to pick it up from the depot but they say I can't because it is 'out for delivery'.

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They don't do anything logically. My fave is when they can't simply call a driver and ask him "hey dude, where'd you put the package." Insted they have to do an "investigation."

I've had drivers unable to read my address either. I wish I was kidding, but my address is 1000 East Johnson.

I've had stuff delivered to 2000 Johnson, 1000 West Johnson, 1000 Jackson, and my personal fave 984 Jackson (?????).

These are not bright people.

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