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They have the worst customer service. They charged me the 40 dollars on the my choice premium account i cancelled a year ago on the card that was removed from the account after I signed up with them.

I called and was told I would have a refund in 3 to 5 business days. 5 business days went by and no refund showed on my credit card. So I called again and was told that the first person Screwed up and didn't process the refund and it was now processed and would be 2 to 3 more business days on the fourth business day I called again and neither person I spoke to was helpful or would do anything to help other than to offer a paper check that would take 15 business days to get to me. So 5 weeks to get money back from ups because your company *** up.

There is no excuse for it and I should have had my 40 dollar refund immediately since they were crediting back a card. I will never recommend this service to anyone nor will I use ups again unless I have no choice in the matter. My business will go to FedEx or to the post office. A very very dissatisfied ex customer.

Again why should I have wait 5 weeks to receive money I should have had immediately?

??? And I doubt your company ever intended to even credit back the money to me.

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