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This is a complaint. I don't expect a reply because obviously UPS does not care about customer service or inconveniencing their customers. I had a package delivered from the US to Canada. I was not home for the first attempt and I understand that you cannot guarantee delivery times, I am only home in the mornings as I work late. However when I ask for a parcel to be held for Pickup and specifically ask if the parcel will be ready for pickup on a certain day and time, I expect it to be on site and ready for pick up at that time. Instead I end up wasting 2 hours round trip and a quarter tank of gas to make my way to your sorting facility only to find out that the package is not there and the only thing anyone can tell me is and it’s not their fault.

1st your front line staff need to learn to deal with customers. Looking out the window while fixing your watch giving customers bad news is a sure fire way to get yourself an irate customer. At least act like you care.

2nd I know you guys love to brag about your technological advances in package handling. I don’t know what happened, but somehow, even though I made the request an hour before the cut off for changes, and even though the request was registered as “Hold for Pickup” (its documented). Why did your system not flag the package when it went though the destination scan loading into the truck? Seems simple enough to me that if the system knows that it’s supposed to be held that it should warn someone if it’s doing otherwise. I don’t know what 5th grade genius designed your system, but you should get your money back.

3rd Why can’t I pay for my Customs/Duty Charges at a UPS store? Why is it I have to Pay over the phone so that you can release a package to your own store, Franchise or not. Your competitors offer this service. I don’t understand why you don’t.

This time around I had no choice in carriers. USPS/Canada Post and Purolator was not an option from this vender. You can rest assured that I will no longer be using UPS as a delivery option for my packages and unfortunately that means no longer using this Vender. I never have problems with Purolator or Canada post. Its no wonder that around the office UPS gets the nick name “OOPS” when you can’t keep track of where your packages are going.

I have arranged for the Parcel to be dropped at a nearby UPS store. It better be there.

A copy of this e-mail is being sent to the Vender in the hopes that they will offer alternate carriers for Cross boarder packages. I will not be ordering from them again should UPS be my only option.


Monetary Loss: $50.

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This website has no affiliation with UPS, so they will not see your concerns.

It would be best to go to an official UPS websitee, as consumers here have no idea what you are talking about.

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