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We're a company that has been dealing with UPS for over 15 years.

We have scheduled pick everyday, which originally was 5pm. Somehow they decided to change the time to 3pm without any say. Which is okay, we just have to get into the office sooner and pack things faster.

But recently we've been getting missing service on some days. How is a company that relies on shipping to customers supposed to function, when on some days they don't even show and we don't even know about it until the end of the day?

Yesterday was the biggest dissapointment that UPS has ever left us with. We rushed to pack out a huge order of 21+ boxes, left them outside of the warehouse so UPS could pick it up easier... and they tell us that they don't have enough room in the car and will have to pick it up a little later at 3pm. So we wait until 6pm, and they still didn't show. So I called and complained to UPS; and after holding and being transfered for over 30+ minutes, they tell me that they sent a message to our UPS provider and that they will give us a call within in hour.

It was nearing 7pm so we had almost given up hope, but they finally called, and told us that they will come to pick it up at 8pm-8:30pm. I don't even understand how UPS would expect us to stay open that late, but we stayed because these packages had to be shipped that day, and what do you know, it passed 9pm and they still didn't show. So what did I have to do? Lift 21+ boxes and put them all back inside at 9pm.

Thats what i get for trying to help out UPS drivers a bit so they don't have to lift those boxes out of the store alone.

Thanks UPS. I wish i could switch companies, but what do you know, there are no other carriers in our area. So i'm dealing with your ***.

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