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So here is my latest complaint for UPS. If you want to schedule to have them pick up packages that have pre-printed labels (prepaid) there is a pickup charge.

If you don't want to pay a pick up charge you can drop them off or "if you see a driver" you can give them the packages. How *** is that? You try to help them plan their day by going online to schedule a pickup and they charge you.

I have deemed them "Un Personal Service" for their lack of customer assistance – my latest among many complaints about UPS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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So you can't even read, ru that dense! It wasn't a package I had to drop off - that would have been easy.

It was a something I had ordered that was delivered by UPS.

Since I work during the day, they couldn't deliver to my apartment because I wasn't there to sign for it, and they refused to deliver it to a hub closer to my workplace so that I could pick it up there. Instead, I had to drive nearly 30 miles in the opposite direction of my work to pick it up!


ups charges, and thus makes, next to nothing on those return labels. furthermore, the label only pays for return shipping.

sending a driver to make a special stop at your house costs money.

don't be a cheap lazy donkey and drop off your package, like a normal person. you are not special, sweetie.

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