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I have neve rhad any problems with UPS in the US. Canadian UPS workers are incompetant however.

Every time I shipe to Canada via UPS, there is some problem with them 'not finding' the address given. Come on, if I ship something to a town of 4000, how hard is it to find an address? Once, the person I delivered the package to had to pay a second fee to receive it because they could not find the first address, so I gave them a second address and they were charged because it wasn't the 'origional' receiver, even though it was UPS's incompentency. Recently, the shipment is 2+ weeks late and they cannot give me a date for redelivery even though it is their fault.

They were trying to deliver a package marked for Victoria, BC to Vancouver!!

Come on, can no one read at the Canadian UPS? The incompentance and laziness of Canadian UPS workers astounds me every time I have to deal with them.

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For the last six months I have had nothing but problems with UPS. They cannot seem to deliver in a timely fashion. The workers seem to have a reading problem. A package that left Memphis, TN last Monday, December 28, 2009 has yet to reach Charleston, SC on Sunday, January 3, 2010. It was listed for delivery on December 31, but now they have changed the date to Monday, January 4. There seems to be a problem as the package has arrived to the same location in West Columbia, SC several times. See for yourself.

Status: In Transit

Rescheduled Delivery Date: 01/04/2010


Shipped/Billed On: 12/28/2009

Type: Package

Service: GROUND

Weight: 31.00 Lbs

12/31/2009 13:15:00 ARRIVAL SCAN[I] WEST COLUMBIA, SC, US


12/31/2009 06:36:00 ARRIVAL SCAN[I] WEST COLUMBIA, SC, US


12/30/2009 20:51:00 LOCATION SCAN[I] WEST COLUMBIA, SC, US

12/30/2009 20:15:00 ARRIVAL SCAN[I] WEST COLUMBIA, SC, US

12/30/2009 12:59:00 DEPARTURE SCAN[I] KNOXVILLE, TN, US

12/30/2009 08:34:00 ARRIVAL SCAN[I] KNOXVILLE, TN, US

12/30/2009 03:38:00 DEPARTURE SCAN[I] NASHVILLE, TN, US

When I called Customer Service I was told that it was the fault of the shipper. This is a typical UPS excuse; it is always the fault of someone else. Charleston is about 2 hours from West Columbia. The package departed West Columbia 11:34 P.M. on December 30; it arrived at the same location at 6:36 A.M. the next morning. Where was the package for 7 hours?

There is some good news; my friends in Russia tell me that UPS is even worse there than in the USA. They tell me that the Russian Postal Service is better than UPS; I can now say the same for the US Postal Service.


It sounds as though Bill works for UPS. They have an excuse for everything.

Perhaps UPS can invest in a GPS. Perhaps the drivers can ask someone else. Gee Bill, what is your excuse for the package that is 2+ weeks late?

What is your excuse for the package that was delivered to Vancouver instead of Victoria?

Unhappywithyou should use FedEx or USPS. I have had far fewer issues with the latter two than I have had with UPS.


Well you just answered your own question my friend. A driver delivering to a completely new area has nothing to do with being lazy or incompetent.

I think you would also have a difficult time trying to find about 100 or so streets you have never heard of. The driver was probably just trying to make it through his day.

It just so happens you have to pay the price for it. Sounds like you just needed to vent a little my friend.


it was marked. The problem is that the delivery driver was not local and did not know the town in which he had his area.


A town of 4,000 huh? Sounds like one of those towns in which people don't put house numbers on the mailboxes down those rural side roads. Did you ask the receiver if someone would be able to find his or her home?

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