So last week we were supposed to receive a shipment of wine a Washington winery. The shipment required an adult signature at the address.

For some reason, every other shipping company understands that they can get that signature at the front office of our apartment complex. Not so with UPS. Furthermore when I called and asked them to have the shipment delivered to the front office for signature they said it could be done the next day. When the next day came it was not done.

When I called and asked why they agree to have it re-delivered. But the driver opted not to because it was Friday afternoon late. Finally almost a week later, I was told that it was company policy that may not have someone else sign for something that needed to be delivered to my address. Five different stories five different people and finally almost a week later we get our shipment.

Who's on first, what's on second, poor delivery service, and for supporting service when asked where the delivery was. Don't use UPS!

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