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I ordered something similar to the "Body Bug", selected shipping method, "UPS Ground", and completed my order. Two days later I received a tracking number FROM UPS.

I attempted track my order. So I called UPS. The incredibly NEW UPS rep, transfers me to another, equally NEW and confused UPS rep. They decided to continue transferring me between the same two departments, 4 times because no one recognized my tracking number, and told me it wasn't a UPS tracking number, before I FINALLY Hung up.

I contacted the Seller for assistance, and with their tracking number they were able to find out what UPS did. UPS decided to take my package, and send it USPS themselves.

I double checked, and sure enough, with the tracking number that UPS, yes, UPS, sent me, I was able to locate my package within the USPS database.

How is that even possible? If I had known that my package was going to end up lost, yes, LOST within the HORRIBLY run USPS system, I would have NEVER ordered my product.

I thought the USPS was bad.... but really? I paid for UPS, just to have them send my package for the cost of a *** stamp through USPS? And now they're trying to tell me they have no idea what I'm talking about? When I can STILL track my USPS package, through their UPS tracking site? If they didn't send it, how the *** does their system know how to find my package?!

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Occasionally when UPS gets overwhelmed by a bulk of packages, they take the liberty of taking the excess to USPS to take care of it. It sounds retarded but its true.


Blame the company you ordered from, they went cheap, cheaper even than UPS Ground. So they charged you for Ground but saved some money with UPS Basic.

Why is this UPS' fault exactly?


it's called UPS Basic, and it was the shipping method SELECTED BY THE COMPANY YOU ORDERED IT FROM.


The company you ordered your product from uses a shipping option called UPS BASIC. The company uses this option in order to save money, unless you pay extra for UPS to ship it within a day or two.

Many major companies such as QVC uses UPS BASIC because it is a cheap way to ship in bulk.

What happens is UPS ships the items directly to the local post office, and they take over delivery from there...UPS did everything that they were supposed to do. That is why you were able to track your package after you figured out what was going on...Unfortunately if that company uses UPS and you want to skip the snail mail, you have to pay extra for the speedy service...Hope this helps:)


I know exactly how it sounds, but would you like to check yourself? The UPS website actually TRACKS my package to the post office that UPS dropped it off at, in FONTANA Ca.

It's going to OXNARD, Ca, VIA USPS. The seller ONLY sends via UPS.

USPS isn't an option, I called myself, double, and triple checked, called both UPS and USPS. It was in fact, taken from UPS, by the USPS.


I want you to think about what you’re saying, do you honestly believe that UPS paid a guy to pick up your package take it to the post office and pay to have it shipped by the USPS. How would they make money on that?

I have heard some dum things before but this takes the cake. What makes more sense the company you bought your item from sent it through the post office?

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