What good is NAFTA when UPS customs hit you for extra fees from online purchases. I ordered an textile item from Canada to New York.

UPS customs intercepted the item, created an UPS account for me, and proceed to charge US Customs Duties, Other Government Charges, and Brokerage Charges without any consent or notice. The charges were in excess of $100.

Plus, if I need to exchange the item, I will have to pay those same charges for the return item a second time. I was told by UPS I can file a form for the reversal of the Duties, but the catch is: there is a fee to file this form to reverse the charges and the fee maybe more then the actual Duty!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Account.

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John, you're right - the US government determines what taxes and duties are due on the item being imported. The courier (in this case, UPS), however, will charge you additional fees in return for the "service" of getting your item through Customs. The cost of this "service" is usually higher than the price charged for the "service" of delivering your package.


There's no such thing as UPS Customs. When you import something from overseas, or across the border in this case, you may be subject to customs fees or duties by the US government.

It's their policies, their rules, certainly not a private company's, that would be absurd.

Every country does this. At least you don't live in Mexico or something, if you did, you could multiply that $100 by at least 5.

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