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Normally I have a lot of patience with freight companies, not because I am on their team, but because Most of the people that work for these companies are regular citizens like you and me, and they are trying their best. I have to say tho, that UPS is an unfair company with really questionable ethics.

Recently I purchased a package from Actually, it was at the beginning of this month, so it's been about 3 weeks. The package was scheduled to be delivered 07/21. Everyday since 07/21, they have been changing the scheduled delivery date WITHOUT notifying me as to why. It is now the 27th, and I called them directly asking what the friggen deal was. The operator then tells m e they don't know, and that they don't have the number to the DC where it's at. Basically, their customer service department is this detached entity that is there to filter customer complaints and make the company appear to care. The lady then requests I contact Amazon to file a case. Why is it only the sender can file a case? Is UPS not advanced enough to work on their customer satisfaction policy? Do they not make enough money? Anyway, I called amazon and they said UPS probably either lost the package or ..whatever.., which was also very annoying.

What makes this especially rude is that when the tables are turned, UPS WILL NOT hold your package longer than they have to. You can never request they hold your package for an extra day to allow you to pick it up, and if something happens that is their fault, they are most definitely capable of shipping a package back to the sender without listening to a word you say. If they do make a mistake and ship the package back, they don't compensate you for their error. It's a hot mess. Oh, but they can lose your package and not notify you? Pssh, that's both unfair and incompetent.

I would have been able to empathize with the situation more had UPS contacted me directly and explained the issue to me, rather than just update the website and assume I visit it. It's like, come on now, be a proper company. Anyway, Amazon is sipping a new package to compensate for this error... and yes, they're shipping it via UPS.

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