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UPS delivery people LIED And continues to lie about a delivery attempt.

I eceived a 1st attempt notice yesterday. I was and have been diligent about this package as it is something of value.

I wish my mother did not use UPS for delivery as I've only had 3 good experiences w/ these people.

Today , march 25th , They claimed a 2nd attempt was made and that "customer was not around " at 8:27 pm.

I have been up and down from my apt. and stayed at the lobby since 1:41 pm.

I was speaking to customer service /call center while I was waiting in the lobby for delivery. Being it was already almost 9 pm and my notification status on email says "out for delivery", on vehicle for delivery".

As I was talking to this customer servise person All of a sudden he tells me he got a note on his screen that seemed strange because as I was speakign to him there was a note on his end that says a 2nd attempt was made.

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE when I am out in the lobby facing the street and entrance to our bldg w/c has no buzzer and as secure as heck. No key no entry or exit. I am in the midst of this customer serv. conversation.

Even he..cust serv . was baffled as I had been on the phone w/ hima nd I told him where I was and here we are discussing the correct address on file that matches my address.

No other notes or 2nd attempt little notices of paper on the window, door, outside of the bldg.


If your drivers want to blame the weather so be it. But lying and saying an attempt was made then I must be invisible or the driver invisible. maybe the bldg. is also invisible.

NO decency of any kind.

I signed up on a week or so ago to receive notifications online, via email and sms. But I have been apparently communicating to a computer and not the facility or customer serv. for deliveries.

That sucks. To have made time in my schedule for this and to be lied to.

This always happens with brown. Hence I cannot call them ups.

as brown is brown..a brown piece of ***.

I've always had unusual and awful experiences w/ brown.

I never ever use them but certain retailers and people do and they,too have issues.

I've only had 3 correct and proper deliveries by Brown in the last 13 yrs. of getting packages delivered by them.

I prefer USPS or FED EX over them any day.

It would have to be some cold day in *** or a nuclear war for me to accept any deliveries from these folks.

I prefer to spend my hard earned money and time, energy and effort on other things.

They can ruin your day if you let them. I almost let them. They used my precious time and got me so frustrated because they LIED about a second attempt which NEVER happened and have not rectified this issue.

I do not know how they can even stay in business.

I hope read and see this.

If that package gets lost or stolen. You..brown/UPS are to blame.

There will be a day that your kharma will creep up will be the only one your company and people will answer to.

And when that day one will ever sympathize.

Poor folks who work there and are honest. You get brown for your colleagues brown work.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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